Our Delicious Products

Delicious Chocolates

Sweet Chocolates

Our Delicious Chocolates
So Yum chocolates are a proven crowd favorite. We use superior European chocolate and most items are double dipped to ensure a generous coating.


Yummy Snacks

Our Appetizing Snacks
So Yum snack mixes do not disappoint. We blend together the best of what is out there. Premium nuts, specialty crackers/ sticks and quality dried fruit all come to the table for snacks that are hard to beat an not eat.


Delicious Nuts

Our Tasty Nuts
So Yum premium nuts are a premium experience. All of our nuts are from regions around the world where they are known for their exceptional products. The only problem with our nuts is that even though they come in a 1 Pound bag, you just can’t get enough. Don’t worry though, you can always buy more for those things that matter most.


Fresh Coffees

Our Aromatic Coffee
So Yum small batch roasted coffee is just that… So Yum. We select only the most distinctive Arabica coffees, imported from countries around the world. From these select beans we create perfect roasts, flavors and blends. And with our small batch roasting you are ensured the freshest quality coffee available.

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