Our Story

SO YUM: Not Like Any Other Fundraiser

When participating in most fundraisers, do you find yourself dissatisfied? Do they leave you wanting to simply donate money rather than get a so-so product at a take-advantage-of-you price? Do you find yourself looking through a fundraising catalog for the least expensive item and ordering just one? After all, you want to do your part to help, right? There was no FUN in FUNDRAISER. We got tired of that contradiction.

A So Yum fundraiser is something you’ll want to participate in and something you’ll enjoy. With So Yum you’ll get a great quality product at a great value and reap the rewards for those things that matter most to you.

SO YUM: Quality Products at Value Prices!

1st — So Yum only uses the finest quality ingredients in all of our products.* We use a European chocolate that you’ll enjoy- especially with our double dipped chocolate treats!

2nd— Our 1 pound bags contain more than double the amount of product (usually 5-7 oz) you get with most fundraisers.

3rd— When compared to others, our price per pound is hard to beat.

Therefore, with So Yum’s great quality, greater quantity, and tremendous value, it’s a win-win-win for everybody!

SO YUM: Share and Share A Like

This is a quality fundraiser you’ll be proud to take to work, to your neighbors, to your relatives. Our great products can be enjoyed as snacks for yourself or given as gifts. So Yum means quality products that everyone will want to enjoy.

Encourage everyone to buy as much as they can to support those things that matter most to you.

SO YUM: What’s in a Name ?

Everything is in our name. So Yum expresses a sense of joy when you are truly satisfied. When we gave Kaylin, our 4 year old daughter, a taste of something we were creating, she stated emphatically, “This is SO YUM!” Right then and there the name of our company was born along with a goal to share the So Yum experience with others.